Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Holy Shit!!

I totally forgot I even had this thing!! I've been on myspace since december. That took over for my bloggings and I actually thought about this site last night before I went to bed and I still remembered all my passwords and addresses and junk like that! wow!
Well I graduated like I said, that was fun, I moved back home 3 days after and lived there since the end of march. I came to NC for a weeks vacation went back to mass and now I moved back to NC. I'm never leaving again.
Since march I've been bouncing around at apartments and houses. I don't have my own so I've just been staying with friends. A week here, a week there. I've only stayed at the same place twice. Hell I was in Cornlius for almost a month. Now I'm in Kannapolis. I was in statesville for a while, and mooresville for a while too. I like kannapolis the driving just sucks. I love taking route 3. It's a beautiful roarul road, but it takes me 50 minutes to get to work! I work at American Eagle for right now, am waiting for a call back from a race team. Hopefully that'll pull through. I'm such a chicken shit, I want to call the guy and be like 'what's up with this job is it happening or not?' but I won't do it. Not yet.
Umm... I've had the past 3 days off from work so I've been doing absolutely nothing. I honestly don't know what to do. I've been in the house the whole time. I drove out to subway once and walmart once. I'm trying to save my gas. I've driven 860 miles in 10 days. Shoot if I drive 18 more miles I could be at home!!!
I'm trying to get my sister to move down here, she might. That'd be wicked awesome if she did. We'd have so much fun. She graduated a couple weeks ago. She's now a phsychologist. So all three of us are now grown up and living 'life'... yeah that totally sucks!!! Oh yeah and the oldest sister is now engaged. I don't like him, I never have.
I've decided I'm getting a dog sometime within the year. I want a pitt bull. I've been contimplating this for a while now, for a year actually, but it really has been bugging me for a few months now. And I decided yesterday it's gonna be a Pitt.
Well that's all for now, I'm thinking about going to walmart and getting a manicure.... I am extremely bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace out y'all!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Guess what?! I'm FREE BITCHES!!! lol. As of 12-9-05 I AM OFFICIALLY AN NTI GRADUATE!! WOOOOOOOOO! haha. I was even dressed like a girl! Umm lets see the guys almost passed out because I had on (as what one kid called it) a 'come do me' skirt. lol. I had on a nice t-shirt and even high heels with dangly earrings!! - all curtousy of my seeeeester. :o)

Then all of my teachers that saw me almost had a heart attack. I can only imagine what my friends said when I wasn't within ears reach. One teacher said he'd give me crap and rag on me if I was all girlie for graduation. Yeah when I went to his class he definitely said nothing. I think his eyes popped out a little. lol. I am definitely sad to leave them all. I know I made an impact on that school. I know I have found alittle space in some of the teachers hearts. As one teacher even said about me "she's a little bad ass good luck with her!" lol. See being in that school I developed my 'tough' skin. Well there was already some before I went there. I'm gonna miss some of them like I said, so much that half of my teachers are getting x-mas cards. lol. Ok well I am off to procrastinate something else now.

AsI said at graduation "peace out bitches!" lol.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh I forgot!!

hey like I said I went to graduation today. They had my old roomies name on the list. They went through the graduation and when they finished one kid his name came up on the projector. However he wasn't there so they skipped him and just went to the next kid. Yet when I went outside his truck was right out front. Then when I went to leave school today he was just then leaving. hmm... I'm thinking he failed his end of phase test. So he'll have to take it over again. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I know that sounds mean, me laughing at him, but hey he's an ass. He cheated his way through that school. Every. Single. Phase. So I'm glad if it finally caught up to him.

so sad to see it fab 1 go.

well its friday day. and I am already out of class. hell I got out at like 11:30ish. we took our finals today. I got a 25 out of 30. which isn't too bad. and i got a 98 out of 100 for the lab. which is friggin awesome. So I fab. 1. which I am wicked bummed about. I completely loved that class. I don't think I have ever had a class that ws that much fun, where I learnded so much and actually feel good looking back on it. On monday I start Fab. 2 which is were we doing bending metal and other things that I actually am not sure of. I met the teacher last night he randomly cameup to me and asked 'what class are u gonna be in next phase' and i told him fab. 2 and he goes 'HA Ur stuck with me!! I'll remember you.. ' then he laughed. i have no idea who this teacher is I neve rmet him before in my life!!

On a sadder note I went to graduation today. A bunch of my friends graduated today it was soo sad. A lot graduated today and an assload are graduating next phase. I don't know what I'm gonna do without all of them there. Scotty graduated today and I already miss him. I think just the knowing that I can't peek into a room and see him is what makes me sad. Becuase I mean hell I'm going over his house tonight. He's not moving back home, he's moving to concord which is like 30 minutes from my house.. I'm not exactly sure where he's gonna be at but roughly its about 30 minutes from here. Right now it takes about 20 minutes to get to his place now. So I'd just use a different route.

On a better note I got an email from some realitor lady of local houses for sale and found a lot of nice ones, except for the fact that they hardly have any land. But they're in only about 100,000. I mean that is a lot for me but compared to the hosues back home, the crappy ones go for like 400,000. Well I'm hungry and dirty so I'm gonna eat then shower. Then get ready to head over to scotty's.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i hate home depot. I was outside in garden for 6 hours. the temperature went from the low 60's and dropped to the 30's. all i had was a little space heater which didn't do much at all.
I. Hate. Home. Depot.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

from bad to good

well today was an odd day. Well it kinda started last night after I got out of work my buddy called me to come up to another kids house because he was sleeping over there (he lives about 45 minutes away from school, and I live about 5-10 minutes away) so I don't get to hang out with him and his roommate that often outside of school. So of course I took the opertunity. I got there around 9:30 and left at about 12:30. One kid fell asleep while I was giving him a back massage. Well I finally got home and woke up at 5 and I wasn't too tired but apparently I wasn't away of my surroundings because I definitley fell off my bed. I guess I was sleeping a little to close the edge.
Then today was an ok day in school. I got really pissed off yesterday and the 'big' kid in class (he's easily 250lbs) push my head and I didn't even think about it I just reacted and totally punched him upside his head. I think I stunned him for a few minutes because he just stood there and everyone laughed at him. Today he kept flinching if I went to close to him.
I started up my project I was working on yesterday I had to make a tiny little box out of wicked thin sheet metal and weld it all together and make sure it doesn't leak. Well after about an hour I told my teacher I was gonna smash my piece against the wall so he said "ok... I'll give you another project to do. I know you've been working hard on that, even though u didn't get it to hold water and not leak I'll give you a ten" (the highest u can get on anything is a 10.
So I asked my buddy chip to teach me to weld because he said he would. I have never welded before last week and he said my lines looked like shit. He actually taught me today and I'm actually proud of my latest piece I'm making.
In class they show us in a movie or in a power point slide. Well I need to be shown. and that's how Chip taught me. He actually placed my hands the way they were supposed to go and then helped me weld. And that's the best way that I learn. He watched me do two lines and told me to find him when I was done. I actually did pretty good. It looks like real welds now.
Today I had a much better day in school than I did yesterday. I can't wait for tomorrow. The only thing that sucks is we have our end of phase test tomorrow (remember every 3 weeks is a new class) well we usually have the tests on thursdays or fridays. Well he wants to do it on wednesday but yet we're still gonna be doing projects on thusday. That's our last day to finish. I asked the teacher if I don't finish if I could go to the afternoon class as well and he told me I could which would be cool as hell. Instead of 6 hours of welding I'll be able to get 12 hours in one day. SWEET!!
Ok I gotta go to work now. Hopefully they don't have me standing outside for 2 and a half hours out in the damn cold again. Hey I thought the south was supposed to be warm... it's been 40's the past few days and it's gonna stay this way what the hell? But I'll see y'all later.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A.D.D. at it's finest.

well it's saturday night and I am at home. I drove my parents home about 45 minutes ago. It was an ok day. See the weird thing is that when my parents come down I get really excited to see them. However there is never really anything to do. I have never been much of a touristy type of person. So I don't like going around with a camera on my neck snapping photos of just about everything I see. and my parents are pretty laid back. So for all of today we hung around my house after going to the auto racing musuem. the building was wicked small so it wasn't technically a museum to me. but we did that for like an hour and then on the way back to my house I took the long way to show them some of the local shops. when we got back to my place my mom cooked baked ziti and my dad watched tv and looked online for a house near here for me. I gotta move out of this place, it's driving me crazy. My roommates suck. I have yet to find a good roommate. I just think I wasn't meant to have any.
But anywho my mom ended up cleaning a little bit today. And I spent half the day bleaching 5 damn shirts that got turned pink (yeah I definitely washed them in bleach at least 5 times if u think I'm joking then smell my laundry room, it smells like a pool) and looking around the internet for a house too.
tomorrow my mum keeps asking me what I wanna do for my birthday tomorrow and honestly I have no idea or know what to do. I just wanna spend the day with them. I think we're gonna go to friendly's for dinner. That is my favorite restaurant. Plus that's gonna be their last day here. They changed their mind about staying until tuesday. They're gonna leave monday morning before I go to school.
well i'm off to bed now. I 'gotta' make a phone call but I don't think it's gonna be made tonight. plus the cat is retarded. She's attacking my purse, I'm gonna go look retarded too and chase her around the house for a while. :o)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

look who's back on the block

hey i'm back. wow i haven't been online 2 months. i almost forgot how to work this thing.... ok i did forget. well i had to learn a new way. see my dad got a bunch of crap computers from work and he rebuilt a few of them. he knew my regular computer was crap so he gave me this laptop. yay!! I've always wanted one!! :o)

well lets see my parents are in town this weekend. from thursday to tuesday for my birthday. my dad is going into school tomorrow to yell at all those dumbasses. i'm dropping ford because i don't want a dealership, hell I've alreayd started applying to local race shops. and the school is now trying to make me take a new class that is 'required' however it's 3 weeks long on how to write repair orders and how to deal with customers. sorry but if I'm building race cars how does that have anything to do with either one of those? well they're retarded so dad's gonna have a meeting tomorrow with the school. so i'll either be graduating december 9th or january 6th.

my schedual is sooo busy coming up in the next few months. this past weekend I went to the Victory Junction Gang Camp for the Ride For Life. It was wicked fun. my parents are here this weekend. Next weekend I'm supposed to go to the beach but i don't think that's gonna happen so I'm gonna figure something else out. Then november 18 i'm going to georgia for a graduation party. then comes thanksgiving, my dad's coming down and possibly christine. then comes december, when i go back to the camp and then i go home for christmas and then i come back the first week in january and maybe graduate that weekend (or if i graduate in dec. things would be a lot easier).

oh hell i'm on the phone with the boy. and all he does is argue. he wants to come back the weekend of november 11th. but i don't really want him to come down. and i can't ssay that. all we do is argue. he claims I "don't know how relationships work". he's been trying to i guess pressuse me into some things and says i need to compromise but i definitely dont. he right now wants me to say that nothing will happen that weekend that i'll be here. and we can have the whole weekend together. but he's saying it's fucked up if i have something come up. or if one of my buddies needs me that i'll tell them to go screw and drop everything for him.
me and him had a big long fight one night about how we're not gonna work out we both know it and admit it but he wants to continue dating until we both graduation. and i don't want to wait that long. i don't wanna be with him anymore but idon't wanna break up with him on the phone. and i definitely don't want to ruin his weekend. ya know?? god he aggrivates me i wanna smash my head on the wall.
he's saying that i have to 'try' well i can't promise jack shit and i'm tired of hearing it. i really am... well i'm gonna go to bed i have class in the morning.. oh yeah i'm inthe am class now... 6:30. ick.